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Health, Fitness and Mindfulness Courses at York Learning

Our range of health and fitness classes just keeps growing… here’s a taste of what’s on offer!


Pilates will improve your ‘core’ stability by teaching you how to switch on deep postural muscles that support and stabilise the spine, this takes time and concentration to develop. Pilates will make changes to your posture that will help you stand taller as you learn how to align your spine and the muscles that support it.

Beginners – These classes are designed for those new to Pilates as well as those with more experience.

Beginners/Improvers – Suitable for anyone new or returning to Pilates.

Fundamentals Beginners/Improvers – These courses are suitable for those who have some experience and understanding of the principles of Pilates and wish to improve their mobility, flexibility and strength. Beginners are welcome to these classes.

Improvers/Intermediate – Aimed more specifically at your Abs and Back, this course is suitable for those who have some experience and understanding of the principles of Pilates and wish to continue to improve mobility, flexibility and strength.

Progression – For the more experienced, these courses continue to build on your understanding of the principles of Pilates as you continue to develop and extend your mobility, flexibility and strength.


Summer Holiday Courses – No we’re not closed for summer! Well, not all of it anyway. Keep yourself supple, mobile and fit with one of our Pilates classes.

Pilates Modern

The Modern Pilates approach uses recent research, from physiotherapy, other holistic forms of exercise and contemporary knowledge about fitness, exercise and core stability. Our classes progress from absolute beginners to beginners plus followed by improvers through to intermediate. Whatever your level we have a class for you.

Gentle Flow Pilates

Gentle Flow Pilates is ideal for those with physical limitations, limited mobility or those returning from injury. Without mat routines, this class is designed to build on core strength, improve posture and balance and reawaken your mobility and flexibility.

Seated Pilates

Our Seated Pilates classes are fully accessible and offer an alternative to regular classes for those who have limited mobility including wheelchair users and those who are unable to do floor work.

Tai Chi

Improve your health and well-being, enhance your level of fitness and reduce stress with gentle flowing Chinese exercises.

Levels include:

Tai Chi for All
Mindfulness Based Tai Chi

Chair Yoga

Join us for our gentle chair based yoga class to reawaken your movement, strength and flexibility. Though yoga has been practiced for centuries this course recognises the need for yoga modification for the modern age.


Come and join one of our friendly, popular yoga classes which will improve your fitness and restore balance and harmony to mind and body.

This course offers you the opportunity to explore, or revisit, the benefits of yoga in a calm and mindful way. You will learn gentle yoga practices of body movements, postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation which can help increase your physical strength and improve your flexibility. It can also relieve stress and tension. You will be taught to use the skills and methods you have learnt in class to help you cope with the challenges of daily life.


Dance your way into better shape and improve your levels of health and fitness.

ZUMBA fitness classes are calorie burning training sessions set to Latin & international music. Core dance steps include Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton, & are combined with more aerobic fitness elements in order to produce a total body work-out. Classes incorporate effective warm-up/ cool down/stretch element & easy to grasp choreographed routines. You will tone up your core, butt, legs & arms whilst you have fun! It is designed to be accessible so you can increase or reduce the intensity of your work-out and the impact of exercises to suit your current levels of fitness and ability.

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold is perfect for active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves that people love but at a lower-intensity. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see (if you haven’t already tried them) why Zumba® fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise.

Classes incorporate a warm-up, easy to follow routines featuring well known dance steps from around the world including the Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Cha Cha and Cumbia to name but a few and end with a cool down stretch element. Unlike a traditional aerobics class, you don’t have to worry about stepping or clapping in perfect time. Zumba movements are more free flowing. You do what you can and work at your level of ability. After the class, you should feel less like you attended boot camp and more like you let yourself go at a party!


Dancercise is a fitness workout with an easy-to-learn format suitable for all levels. Expect great fitness results and plenty of fun!

You’ll be exposed to a variety of dance techniques from latin to jazz styles. You don’t need a partner or to even know how to dance to enjoy this stylish and graceful way to get fit. The steps are simple and easy to follow with step by step instructions, across any age or fitness level, we guarantee you’ll leave wanting MORE!


Come & join this all new contemporary style dance fitness experience set to an exhilarating and diverse soundtrack.

Flowetic is a dynamic class which combines choreographed dance sequences that repeat and build, toning and strengthening exercises and stretching and relaxation elements – fitness and well being for the body and mind.
Taught in an easy to follow way, no previous dance training is necessary, but you must be in a good state of physical health. The class includes elements of contemporary dance, ballet and lyrical jazz, amongst others and you learn while you move. The choreography remains the same for a number of weeks so you have plenty of time to get to grips with the moves and confidently improve your execution of them.

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