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FutureGoals is funded by Leeds City Region working in partnership by with West Yorkshire Combined Authority, and the European Social Fund.
Future Goals

Would you like to work in the future but are feeling low in confidence, anxious or isolated and not sure how to make changes in your life?

FutureGoals can help you to

  • unlock your potential
  • increase your motivation
  • gain the confidence you need to find the job you want.


One goal: getting you a job!

The way we do it:

One to One support

6 months of flexible, individual support to target your goals, with support from your advisor.

Ideas and options for future work or training

Explore your options, including careers and opportunities you may have not considered before. We can support you to access education, apprenticeships and employment.

Confidence, motivation and tips for managing anxiety.

Be empowered to break through barriers and overcome obstacles. We can support you to develop and build your skills to cope with the challenges life brings.

Job search and optional short course

Choose to undertake a short course that covers essential work place skills. You'll have the opportunity to meet with local employers, apprentices and FutureGoals graduates to discuss their experiences.

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You’re eligible for FutureGoals if:

You’re aged 18 – 24 and not working. 

If you’re over the age of 24, click here to find out about Action Towards Inclusion and Positive Progressions. 

You’re not eligible if you’re working, including 0 hour contracts.