[sm_column_text]Not a fan of science when you went to school? Do you have a child who is naturally curious about the world around them? Do you want to better support your children with their science homework?

This free online course for parents, delivered by the University of York with support from York Learning and Family Learning, will help you understand what your children are learning in their science lessons at school. Find out more and book at www.york.ac.uk/lifelonglearning/highedparents/theabcsofscience.

We will introduce you to the basics of physics, chemistry and biology, and look at how we can make scientific discoveries through observation and experimentation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get involved with discussions – as well as trying your hand at some fun and easy experiments in your own homes. This is an introductory course built around school level science, so no past experience is necessary![/sm_column_text][sm_column_text][/sm_column_text]