[sm_column_text]“If I’d known that making my own kefir was as easy as this, I’d have been doing it years ago!” says Fiona, our Targeted Learning Manager.

Kefir is a fermented milk product, similar to a thin natural yoghurt, a recognised probiotic drink which is believed to be good for gut health and digestion. It’s made from kefir grains which contain healthy bacteria, yeast, milk proteins and complex sugars.

To get started, you can buy grains from a reputable UK supplier but the easiest way is to find someone who already makes their own and ask them for a few spoonfuls to put in your first container of milk.  Some people strain the grains before drinking it but the way I was shown was simply to put two or three spoonfuls of my kefir into fresh milk each day (I use clean jam jars and half fill them) and then simply eat the rest.  I’ve saved a fortune on probiotic, often sugar-laden, yoghurts and now enjoy a lovely pot of home made kefir, sometimes with a drop of honey, chopped banana or berries. It works best with whole organic milk, although I tend to use semi-skimmed organic and occasionally simple semi skimmed and it still works.

I’d recommend people do their own research re different variations, allergy advice etc, but don’t get bogged down in the science. It’s cheap and delicious![/sm_column_text]