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The most important teacher in your child’s life is you!

Children spend less than 20% of their waking hours in school. It stands to reason that when parents, grandparents and cares can support learning at home, children will have a much better chance of success.

Family Learning have short courses for parents and carers of pre-school and primary aged children to support early reading, writing, counting and communication skills, healthy eating, creative craft workshops and fun activities to help children learn indoors and outside.

Our Keep Up with the Children courses in English or maths show you how children are taught at school while you work towards your own up to date adult qualification. These courses are also idea for anyone currently volunteering or working in schools or pre-schools or thinking of applying to work with children in any setting.

To find out more or book a place on a family learning course, contact:

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If you work with families or individuals who need support with English and Maths or just want ideas for spending quality time with their children, click here to find out more about how we could work together.

It was a lot of things really… just to get me out and to get qualifictions because I don’t have anything like that. Also, when my little girls go to the crèche it gives them more confidence. I always try and do homework with them and it’s kind of helped me to help them. I think it goes back to the confidence thing, talking to people, doing stuff… I’m doing Children’s Centre Advisory Board as well. I would never have thought I would do something like that years ago.
I'll be able to get myself a job
[Since doing my Family Learning course] I’ve been doing a Level 2 Business Admin course through York Learning. I’ve already passed two assignments for that, and I’m hoping to pass it by September so when my child goes to school full time I’ll be able to get myself a job.
"We did this at my mam's"
My youngest is chuffed and keeps telling me how proud he is. He’s coming on well now at school because I can help him at home with his reading and his English, and then he can go back to school and say “We did this at my mam’s”.
I got a job!
It’s given me a confidence boost. I ended up getting a job at Primark so obviously I’ll be working on the tills and that involves maths and (I’ll use my English) interacting with customers.
Going back to my roots
I’m doing a Level 2 WEA Helping in Schools course and then I’ll do Level 3 so I can be a TA and working a crèche and children’s centres or schools. I’m going to start college in September. I definitely wouldn’t have done any of this without going back to my roots and doing the Family Learning.