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[sm_custom_heading font_style=”sm-bold”]Family Learning Courses[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]For more information about these courses, please contact us:
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[sm_column_text]Family Learning courses are free (subject to eligibility) and are great for parents, carers and grandparents as well as anyone wanting to work in school or pre-school settings. We focus on building confidence and skills to support your child’s learning while at the same time looking at your own skills, making sure you don’t underestimate yourself!

We run workshops and courses both face to face and online. They split roughly into these groups:

Early Start – for parents, carers and grandparents of 6 month-2 year olds. (workshop style, 10 week courses which you can join at any time of year.)
Learn Together – for parents, carers and grandparents of 2-5 year olds. (A pick and mix bag of 5 week courses and workshops running all year round.)  All based around speech and language development, we look at topics including words, phonics, reading, early writing and number skills, and even a little bit of family science!
Get Ready for School – for parents, carers and grandparents of children soon starting Reception at school.  These 5 week courses run in May, June and November.

How Children Learn / Keep Up – for parents, carers and grandparents of primary aged children, looking at how children are taught  English or maths at school today.  This course includes an up to date qualification for the adult learner so is ideal if you want to brush up your own skills too. (Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!)
Courses for You – Managing Stress for Me and My Family, Community Learning Champion, Internet Safety and Digital Skills.  You can also get one to one Information, Advice and Guidance to help you think about future learning and work options.


Courses available to book now! For more information click here.[/sm_column_text][sm_button size=”sm-size-lg” align=”sm-full” style=”sm-style-white” link=”https://forms.gle/UUFWxjAKJEweqyub7″ open_new=”true”]Click here to register your interest for any Family Learning course[/sm_button]

[sm_custom_heading]Get Ready for School[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Starting Primary school can be an exciting and nerve-racking time for you and your child. To help you feel more prepared for the big day, we have put together a 5-week ‘Get Ready for School’ course.

This course has been designed to support parents, carers and grandparents of children who will be starting school in September. There will be 5 sessions exploring the following areas:

• Building confidence and supporting independence
• Developing interpersonal and cognitive skills
• Introducing early literacy and numeracy skills
• First days at school and settling in
•Home Learning and Family Learning

Our tutor is a fully qualified primary school teacher who has knowledge of our local schools. She will be liaising with them throughout the course and we may invite specific school staff to join from time to time to chat to you and answer your questions. You will have opportunities to share ideas to support your children and voice any concerns you have.[/sm_column_text]

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[sm_custom_heading]Early Start – Words, Number and Play[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Workshop style sessions, run in term time (3 x 10 weeks) for parents, carers and grandparents of 1 and 2 year olds.

In Early Start, we focus on your child’s speech, language and communication. We try out and talk about activities and ways you can  support their development and widen their experiences at home and in the outdoor world.

Some of these sessions run in Children’s Centres or libraries and we also have an online option on Zoom, with short videos of activities to try out in advance followed by chat sessions to share ideas and talk about what your children are learning and how you can adapt activities to suit children of different ages. We can provide support to get started with Zoom if you need it – and don’t worry if children join in the online sessions, they’re very welcome and you can always turn off audio or video if you want to … we’ve all been there!

Some of the face to face sessions have free childcare on site.  Please ask about this when you make an enquiry to ensure we have space for you.

As well as some Family Learning goodies, you will receive a free Look, Say, Sing Play resource pack when you start the course.[/sm_column_text]

[sm_button size=”sm-size-lg” align=”sm-full” style=”sm-style-white” link=”https://book.yorklearning.org.uk/Page/ProspectusList?search_DESCRIPTION_operator=Contains&search_DESCRIPTION_type=String&search_DESCRIPTION_value=early%20start” open_new=”true”]Find details and book an Early Start course[/sm_button][sm_image image=”3568″]
[sm_custom_heading]Learn Together – Fun with Phonics[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Fun with Phonics and How Children Learn to Read and Write are all about developing the skills your child needs to start to be able to read and write.

In Fun with Phonics, we will help unravel the mysteries of phonics and give you lots of tips, games and activities to do with your child to help their early sound and word recognition and reading skills.[/sm_column_text]

[sm_button size=”sm-size-lg” align=”sm-full” style=”sm-style-white” link=”https://book.yorklearning.org.uk/Page/ProspectusList?search_DESCRIPTION_operator=Contains&search_DESCRIPTION_type=String&search_DESCRIPTION_value=phonics” open_new=”true”]Find details and book a Fun with Phonics course[/sm_button][sm_image image=”3565″]
[sm_custom_heading]Learn Together – How Children Learn to Read and Write[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Fun with Phonics and How Children Learn to Read and Write are all about developing the skills your child needs to start to be able to read and write.

In ‘How Children Learn to Read and Write’, we talk about sharing stories and books and how you can make reading time a shared treat for you both.  We also try out activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, which are so important for early writing and play.[/sm_column_text]

[sm_button size=”sm-size-lg” align=”sm-full” style=”sm-style-white” link=”https://book.yorklearning.org.uk/Page/ProspectusList?search_DESCRIPTION_operator=Contains&search_DESCRIPTION_type=String&search_DESCRIPTION_value=how%20children%20learn%20to%20read” open_new=”true”]Find details and book a How Children Learn course[/sm_button][sm_image image=”3570″]
[sm_custom_heading]Learn Together – ‘Stories, Songs and Rhyme’ and ‘Creative Crafts and Outdoor Play'[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]For adults, parents and careers of children aged 2-5, these two 5 week courses will build on your child’s experience of the world.

In the first 5 week course, we’ll talk about how stories, songs and rhymes really help your child’s speech and language development and we’ll share and learn ideas to try out with them at home. And don’t worry – this isn’t X Factor – your child will not judge your singing!

In the second 5 weeks, we discuss the benefits of risky play and how to manage risk. You’ll try creative outdoor activities and grow confidence in helping your child develop their motor skills. We will explore how using stories outside supports a child’s language and number skills.

These courses have a free crèche available to book when held in local venues.[/sm_column_text]

[sm_button size=”sm-size-lg” align=”sm-full” style=”sm-style-white” link=”https://book.yorklearning.org.uk/Page/ProspectusList?search_DESCRIPTION_operator=Contains&search_DESCRIPTION_type=String&search_DESCRIPTION_value=learn%20together” open_new=”true”]Find details and book a Learn Together course[/sm_button][sm_image image=”3569″]
[sm_custom_heading]’How Children Learn’ and ‘Keep Up’ courses[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]How children learn English at school / Keep up with the children in English

How children learn maths at school / Keep up with the children in maths

These courses are for you if you want to develop your own skills in English and maths to support primary aged children.  The focus in term 1 is on how the children are taught at school, making resources to try out and talk about, identifying what you already do and talking about how you can extend their learning at home.

In terms 2 and 3 you go on to explore and develop your own English or maths skills, still in the context of what children learn at different stages, but you will be working towards your own adult qualification.  So if you didn’t get the GCSE grade you want, and you need qualifications for work or further study – or if you just want to prove to yourself you can do it – we’re here to help!

An added bonus is that our Keep up tutors are always on hand to help with any tricky homework problems your children bring home![/sm_column_text]

[sm_button size=”sm-size-lg” align=”sm-full” style=”sm-style-white” link=”https://book.yorklearning.org.uk/Page/ProspectusList?search_DESCRIPTION_operator=Contains&search_DESCRIPTION_type=String&search_DESCRIPTION_value=how%20children%20learn” open_new=”true”]Find details and book a How Children Learn course[/sm_button][sm_image image=”3564″][sm_image image=”3563″]
[sm_custom_heading]Managing Stress for Me and My Family[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]In this short introductory course, we will look at the causes of stress and share ideas about how we can reduce the negative impact on ourselves and our families. We’ll explore how you can create time out for you and share stress-busting techniques with your family.  Stay calm – you can do this![/sm_column_text]
[sm_button size=”sm-size-lg” align=”sm-full” style=”sm-style-white” link=”https://book.yorklearning.org.uk/Page/ProspectusList?search_DESCRIPTION_operator=Contains&search_DESCRIPTION_type=String&search_DESCRIPTION_value=managing%20stress” open_new=”true”]Find details and book a Managing Stress course[/sm_button][sm_image image=”3561″]
[sm_custom_heading]Community Learning Champion (Information, Advice and Guidance)[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]This short course will look at the difference between signposting and offering information, advice and guidance to help you to build skills to support people in your community.  If you want to, we can support you to access formal qualifications in IAG too.

Our IAG network community is growing rapidly and the contacts you make through this course may be of real value to you in your future voluntary work or career, as well as being able to put faces to names when referring people you come across to different services.

Join us!

For more information, please visit this page.[/sm_column_text]

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[sm_testimonials][sm_testimonial_item name=”Lindsay, HCLM, Poppleton Road Primary School”]You’re never too old to learn maths the right way. Forever grateful. [/sm_testimonial_item][sm_testimonial_item name=”Zara, HCLM, The Avenues Children’s Centre”]I’ve loved every lesson and the confidence it’s given me.[/sm_testimonial_item][sm_testimonial_item name=”Teri, KUCE, The Avenues Children’s Centre”]It is a great experience, making friends and learning things that you didn’t know much about[/sm_testimonial_item][/sm_testimonials]