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ICT Business Support Offer

[sm_column_text]York Learning ICT team can offer remote qualifications for any individual or members of a company on furlough or working from home who want to upskill their own ICT knowledge. We can offer remote working on European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) at Level One and Level Two which covers Word, Excel, Improving Productivity and then Internet and Email for Level One, and PowerPoint for Level Two. We can also offer individual modules for those who don’t need the whole qualification.

Learners would receive remote support from one of our Learning and Skills Tutors, either via email or via phone calls/Skype/Zoom so would be able to have regular check-ins to ensure they’re on the right lines.

There are exams associated with both ECDL and individual modules, and we are looking currently at ways for exams to take place with no face to face contact. In the event that the exam board will not permit this to happen, we would happily host formal exams at no extra cost to the individual/the company later in the year for the learner to achieve their qualification.

We can also offer Advanced ECDL (Level Three) or individual Advanced Units (eg Advanced Word) suitable for those who already have ECDL Level Two.

There are costs involved for this depending on how much the person earns, which we can go through in more detail with each enquiry. In some cases the course would be free of charge to the individual depending on various job-related benefits.  If the company wishes to pay on behalf of their staff member we can facilitate this. Level One ECDL costs £165 and Level Two ECDL costs £290.

We are also happy to discuss group training sessions, tailor-made to your requirements, which we could carry out with a number of people via Zoom software.

If you’re an individual we can support you regardless of whether you’re currently furloughed or not. You don’t have to be currently at work to access our personal courses and provision.  You would have access to our ECDL courses and our individual modules. We’re very happy to discuss your individual learning needs with you.

Contact us by emailing flexlearn.adulted@york.gov.uk. One of the team will get in touch with you to discuss your enquiry further.[/sm_column_text]

English and Maths (Free offer)

[sm_column_text]Our team of specialist English and maths tutors are adapting their existing offer to be fully accessible throughout lockdown and beyond. We are currently aiming to support learners to achieve English and maths qualifications by the end of July 2020, and welcome new starts during April and May.  We will also have new English and maths courses, both Functional Skills and GCSEs, starting in September. Please note all English and maths qualifications are completely free to any individual who does not hold English or maths qualifications at GCSE Grade C or 4 and above.

The Functional Skills offer goes up to Level 2 and is excellent preparation for many job roles or to access apprenticeships, GCSEs and further/higher education.  Participating in these courses not only boosts specific skills to gain the qualifications; learners also report increased confidence and self-belief, making them more likely to be willing to undertake new challenges in their future work.   Where staff have been furloughed or are in jobs which may be at risk, or where there may be a need for additional flexibility on their return to work, this could be the ideal time for staff to be getting English and maths qualifications under their belt.

Following initial enquiry and a discussion over the phone, we will set people up with access to our Google Classroom resources and link them to an English or maths tutor who will support them by phone and through group or individual Zoom and/or Skype sessions to pick out tasks to meet their individual needs, as well as agreeing and advising on time commitments and future learning. Support to access the IT will be provided if needed.

Employers or individual employees should contact us in the first instance by emailing york.learning@york.gov.uk.   Employers should describe the potential group size, area of work and any needs specific to the job.  Individuals can join the courses by emailing york.learning@york.gov.uk, telling us a little about their learning background, previous levels achieved and also the reason why they are wanting to do the course.[/sm_column_text]

English for Speakers of Other Languages

[sm_column_text]We are happy to discuss bespoke support for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), where group needs have been identified, as a project for now and in the future.

For ESOL and Family Learning information, please contact fiona.himsworth@york.gov.uk.[/sm_column_text]

Family Learning

[sm_column_text]As an additional means of support for staff who may be combining work at home with looking after young children, we invite them to like our Family Learning York Facebook page, where we’re sharing activities for parents/carers to support their children’s learning, “Ask the Teacher” support with school work, and also wellness and relaxation tips on how find some peace and quiet in times of stress.

For ESOL and Family Learning information, please contact fiona.himsworth@york.gov.uk.[/sm_column_text]

Work Based Learning Business Support Offer

[sm_column_text]Our Work Based Learning sector within York Learning offer qualifications to upskill employers, employees and volunteers in Adult Care, Childcare and Business Administration settings. These qualifications range from Level 2 to Level 5, we offer Certificates, Diplomas and Apprenticeships at these levels.

Our experienced and qualified tutors will create a bespoke package of learning, for each of their candidates, to support and guide them, with 1-1 meetings, through their qualification. These meetings can take place in the workplace, at home or at York Learning.

Due to the current climate we also offer training and guidance through Skype, email and phone calls, to ensure our learners can carry on with their studies. This means we can also register and support new learners, even through this current period of social distancing.

Our candidates can complete most of their qualifications at home and in the workplace over a period of 8 to 24 months, depending on the qualification and the candidates experience and knowledge. Our qualifications can be financed privately, through Advanced Learner Loan funding or Apprenticeship funding.

We offer the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Children and Young Peoples Workforce Certificate
  • Level 3 Early Years Educator
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for the Children and Young Peoples Workforce
  • Level 2 Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 3 Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 2 Adult Care
  • Level 3 Lead Adult Care
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care
  • Level 2 Customer Service
  • Level 3 Customer Service
  • Level 3 Business Administration
  • Level 3 Management
  • Level 5 Management

For further information and guidance please contact Tracy Gowlett on tracy.gowlett@york.gov.uk or 07743429950.[/sm_column_text]

IAG Team Business Support Offer

[sm_column_text]York Learning’s Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) team are all Specialist Learning and Work Advisers with Level 4 Information, Advice and Guidance Qualifications. We can offer 1-2-1 Information, Advice and Guidance sessions for employees and/or small business owners looking at career progression or further learning. We can support managers and staff with some of the work challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. We can work remotely with businesses through a variety of online platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc.  Our two project team managers have experience advising employers on how to recruit a thriving, diverse team, how to manage challenging times such as redundancy, how to re-integrate staff after an absence, and how to support staff with mental and physical health difficulties. Our project staff understand the local labour market, and have an excellent knowledge of a range of local and online training opportunities.

Support for Employees

We can provide support for individuals to develop employability skills building individuals’ confidence, through a combination of skills recognition and self-marketing. This can be done through Kudos AD, the digital careers platform. We can pull reports from Kudos AD to help us engage with anyone who is working through the resource and needs further support.

The list below give an outline of what Kudos AD offers.

  • Personalised career ideas based on interests, skills and preferences
  • Transparent results illustrate how well careers match users
  • Skills gap analysis identifies how to target training
  • Continually updated information covering, salary, entry routes and the skills employers need
  • Skills profiling identifies where existing skills can be used
  • CV Builder helps to create an effective CV with step-by-step guidance
  • Access to live job vacancies from thousands of employers
  • Integrated Career planning tool encourages progression
  • Reports enable advisers to plan effective follow-up interventions

We also have some resources for face-to-face workshops employment transition, CV writing, application forms and interview skills. We are currently working on these to develop some blended learning using Google Classroom and Zoom.

Support for Employers

Undertake Skills Gap Survey

We can help to identify skills needed post Covid-19 for staff. Have you lost staff? Have staff needed to be redeployed? What areas of work have changed and how does business need to adapt to that change? What staff skills are now needed? Do existing staff need new skills? Do you anticipate employing any new staff? We can help you to create an action plan.

Undertake Existing Skills Survey

Where do skills already exist and how can these skills be best used? We can help to identify training needed to upskill your staff to fit your business need and for staff career development.

Getting the most from the team: transferable skills analysis and Careers Guidance

1-1 IAG with one of the project team; use of careers tools, such as Kudos AD, above; and National Careers Skills Check for transferable skills and job progression routes

Sourcing training for staff

We can help you to source training, including:

  • York Learning provision: IT and, Functional Skills; Childcare, Business Admin, and Management courses at Level 2-5 via Work Based Learning;; IAG Level 2 online course with remote or F2F networking meeting; Learning for Everyone Adult Education courses
  • Other local providers e.g. York College; industry specific online training through providers such as Skills Network, Digital College,FreeCoursesinEngland

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Level 2 training

This online course, and three remote or face to face development sessions, offers supervisors and line managers skills to support teams, and provides customer facing staff with some learning around boundaries and expectations, transferable skills, motivation, different types of information, diversity, and equality of access to provision. On starting the course, you’ll enter a city-wide IAG network.

Post Covid Team Reintegration: Provide action plan for re-integrating staff into the workplace

Provide employers with a SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses of team working during the crisis. Provide action plan for how to build on the strengths, re-introduce best elements of previous ways of working; how teams can reach compromise – if necessary – to combine best practice from remote and office working to maximise productivity, ensure best use of skills and working styles, and maintain a well workforce.

Mental wellbeing assessment – how do staff feel about returning to work?

We can offer a short personalised wellbeing assessment to ensure staff are well integrated back in to the workplace and that they are able to do some of the things which will allow them to remain well and productive, eg short breaks outside; team mindfulness activity.

We can provide help to consider Mental health impact of the pandemic on staff; how have they coped working from home? Can some work continue to be done remotely? Will this save resources?

Assist managers to build on staff skills, talents and qualities shown in the pandemic: staff have been adaptable, resourceful, innovative, etc; others’ skills have been dormant during furlough but they may be able to retrain/upskill in that time.

Furloughed staff may be feeling under-confident about their skills compared with others who have been working. They could upskill during furlough. We can help them decide what to learn and source the best training through 1-1 IAG sessions.

Skills Activities to encourage new skills development, life-long learning and career progression

We encourage businesses to budget for/allow time for training as new post Covid opportunities arise within and outside the business.

We can help managers to look at new roles within or outside the organisation for staff progression. And encourage you to think about how to adapt the business in effective and profitable ways so that skills gaps are filled, staff are appropriately trained, and health and wellbeing is maintained to serve the needs of the adapted business.[/sm_column_text]

Counselling Team Business Support Offer

[sm_column_text]The York Learning Counselling team are all highly experienced / qualified counsellors and adult education tutors that teach accredited courses in Counselling training at Level 2, 3 and 4.

3 of the 5 tutors are fully qualified and have their own private practice while the remaining 2 tutors will qualify in the summer 2020 and currently work in agencies as a counsellor.  All 5 of the tutors now have experience of offering counselling related support to others via remote means such as Skype and Zoom.

The tutor team can offer the following support to businesses to support managers:

  • Non accredited tailor made group training sessions to upskill managers in their listening support skills in order to enhance the emotional support offered to employees and each other at this time and in the future.  These could be facilitated via Zoom or Skype with on line resources set up to support learning and development.
  • A listening space for managers to express feelings and emotions at this time of uncertainty either one to one or in groups to support wellbeing and connection with others.

The Programme can offer the following support to employees:

  • Resources for managing emotions / building resilience / living with worry and anxiety
  • One to one listening support for staff to support isolation and manage emotions
  • Group listening support space for staff to support isolation and managing emotions (a tutor to lead and facilitate with the possibility of utilising trainees on programme as co-support).

The cost of the above support would be the rate of pay for the tutor facilitating the support space or planning and delivering the training session. 

We can support individuals to improve their wellbeing and emotional resilience.  We can reduce levels of isolation through offering opportunities for people to connect and share their experiences.    This will support wellness and a person’s capacity to return back to their place of work after the period of lock down has been lifted and their furlough has ended.

There is also an opportunity for the Counselling programme to set up a counselling service via remote means utilising the trainees in their 2nd year of the Level 4 Diploma for those whose mental health needs go beyond the package of support above.  This idea is in its infancy but can be explored further if there was a need identified by businesses.  For more information on what we can offer please contact Anna-Marie Gillman at a.m.gillman@york.gov.uk.

Post Covid – 19 Lockdown

The above areas of support will offer people (employers and employees at all levels) an opportunity to experience a ‘taster’ in what is required to successfully engage in a counselling related training course both on a personal and a professional level.  For people who are interested in developing their skills in this area to enhance a current role or to support a career change can email yorklearningcounselling@york,gov.uk for details on the programme that will be offered from September 2020 onwards.[/sm_column_text]