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We’re open for business and you’ll find many courses available to book.

For the moment all of our classes are online, and we expect this to continue for the next term. Our tutors are quickly becoming experts in online teaching and learning, and continue to strive for an excellent learning experience for everybody.

Remember – we’re online but right beside you!

“My youngest is chuffed and keeps telling me how proud he is. He’s coming on well now at school because I can help him at home with his reading and his English, and then he can go back to school and say “We did this at my mam’s”.”
Family Learning
“All the tutors have been very patient,supportive and friendly. I was very nervous taking on this course having not done any computer work for 19 years and they all put me at ease and gave me the encouragement I needed.”
“An excellent course which is helping me to gain confidence and knowledge at each session.”
“Actually practising things whilst being supervised and being able to ask questions as one tackles unfamiliar jobs have been invaluable for building up confidence and stoking up enthusiasm. I’d love to do the courses all over again. There simply isn’t any substitute for real-life tuition, especially when it’s given by someone who know the subject inside out. (And back to front.) AND who knows how to teach. “
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the dressmaking classes and look forward to improving my skills next term. The feedback from our tutor Kate is excellent and the different demonstrations she gives in every class are inspiring.”
“Everything was well organised and the tutor made mathematics a lot clearer to me. I’ll actually miss studying maths. “
“My creative journey continues to amaze me, my tutors teaching is inspirational and outstanding. To make a mark on a blank piece of paper is an achievement in itself for me as an individual”
Painting and Drawing
“I have long been looking for an exercise class which is specific for people with limitations or disabilities. I am so pleased to have found one to help in my recovery from year long illness/disability.”
Seated Pilates
“I feel that I have learned more of relevance in this course than any other language course I have undertaken – lively pack of lessons and an excellent hard working tutor with a delightful sense of humour!”
“I love being able to continue with pilates to improve my mobility. The online classes give my week some structure and a sense of normality which is very welcome just now and getting some exercise is good for me physically and mentally.”
Pilates Online