Payment Options

The cost of our courses

All of our courses are individually priced to take account of a number of factors including course hours, the numbers that can attend or the need to use specialist facilities or venues. For many of the courses you will see three prices. The first is the full price which most people will pay, the second is for those who are claiming the state pension and are unwaged and the third for those individuals who are claiming Universal Credit or certain other Means Tested Benefits. Please note that you will be required to produce evidence that you are entitled to a reduced fee within two weeks of signing up for the course. If you fail to do this we may cancel your place on the course.

Full Cost – The full cost of the course before any reductions

Reduced Fee – For anyone claiming the state pension

Universal Credit or MTB – For anyone claiming Universal Credit or certain means tested benefits.

Can I spread the cost of the course fee?

If your payment is

  • over ¬£120 and the course is more than ten weeks, or
  • for multiple courses with a total of more than ¬£175

you can spread the payment out. This is done via direct debit and is generally 4 payments spread over 4 months. The first payment must be made at the time of booking to confirm your place on the course. On occasion we are able to set up payment schedules over a longer period of time but this cannot extend beyond the end date of a course.

Please note: Once a direct debit is set up you must not cancel it unless you have been in contact with us first and we have confirmed that it is alright to do so. If you cancel without our permission you will immediately be invoiced for the full amount. It is important to understand that direct debit is not a method of paying for part of the course, just a way of spreading the full cost of the course over a number of months.

Can I get any help with the cost of a course?

We understand that for some people the cost of an adult learning class can be a barrier to attendance. In some circumstances we might be able to help with assistance towards the cost of the course, travel to the course, books, materials and childcare. You should note that this support is limited and is not available on all courses. Please ring 01904 554277 to find out if you might be eligible for support.

Examination fees

All exam and registration fees are included in the cost of a course unless stated otherwise. However if you need to resit an exam you may need to pay an additional fee.


A full refund will be given under the following circumstances:

  • The course time or dates change following you signing up and it is no longer convenient for you to attend.
  • The course closes because there are insufficient numbers on the course.
  • You signed up over the phone or via our online booking system and change your mind within 14 days of the booking. Please note this does not apply if the course starts within the 14 day period or if the course has already started when you book.

In all other circumstances we only offer a refund in exceptional circumstances.

Once a course has started we cannot offer any refunds. This is because the course fee contributes to funding that makes the course viable. All refunds offered in exceptional circumstances will be subject to a £15 administration fee.