Using Zoom to access your class

Zoom is a piece of free online video software. You can hear and see other people in the same Zoom session as you, and they can see and hear you. This makes it great for teaching if we’re not all together!

Zoom works on a PC, a Mac, your smartphone and your tablet.

This short film explains how to download and use Zoom on a PC, laptop or Mac.

This short film explains how to download and use Zoom on a smartphone or tablet.

Hints and Tips

  • Remember, to access your lesson you’ll need the session code and password. Your tutor will share these with you beforehand.
  • You can see everyone – so everyone can see you! You can turn your camera off if you don’t want that to happen.
  • Everyone can hear what you say. If you want to discuss something personal with the tutor, either contact them direct or send a message to your York Learning centre and we’ll pass it on.
  • If there’s a green box around the person on the screen, they’re talking. Try to not talk over each other as it makes it really hard to hear what’s being said!
  • Your microphone can pick up even small noises! Try not to talk unless you want to say something to the group, and try to sneeze/cough away from the microphone. You can mute your microphone to avoid this happening. You can unmute it again to talk.
  • You can set your background as a photo of anything you choose rather than what’s behind you, if you wish. Try putting a picture of your holidays, or a lovely summer day in the countryside…
  • Please don’t share the codes to get into the Zoom class with anyone else outside of your class.

There are lots of resources available online to help you.

If you’re struggling you can always email our ICT tutors at One of them will then be in touch to try and help you further.