The Road Through York formed part of the events at York Racecourse for Le Grand Depart (Tour De France) in July 2014.

The design was created by Karen Whinship and and then reproduced on 320 separate one metre square panels by local people, including York Learning students. The final piece was approximately 20m by 16m and was viewed from above on TV by billions of people on the day of the Grand Depart.

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Tiger Moths and Memories created a whisper of moths at York Art Gallery to celebrate the contribution of aviation to the First World War.  Over 1500 people including learners at York Learning workshops, classes, community groups and members of the public created moths, many of them choosing a design that had personal meaning to them.

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The Face of York created a visual census of the people of York here and now, past and present.

Over 500 A4 portraits of ordinary and famous people that have an attachment with the city were created by York Learning learners as well as members of the public. Images were created in one day workshops, art and craft classes  and community groups around the city. The collected images were exhibited at York Explore Library and York City Screen during July 2015.

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