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An exhibition of paintings, drawings, collages and prints created by our learners. Inspirations is an annual event that takes place in the Summer term.

This year’s exhibition will take place online! You’ll find four ‘galleries’ below… you can watch the pictures, or click on the thumbnails to select a particular image. If you would like to comment on the exhibition, you can do so by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Painting & Drawing- Bridget Askew and Karen Winship Classes

Painting & Drawing, From Sketch to Paint and Oil Painting- Liz Fosters Classes

Painting & Drawing and Watercolour- Donna Taylor and Sue Clayton Classes

Painting & Drawing, Watercolour, Community Art and Can-Do-Craft- Debbie New, Jelena Lunge, Lisa Marie Newman and Tim Morrison Classes

Woodworking and Stained Glass- Julian Marston and Ann Sotheran Classes