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Computing and Business Courses at York Learning

Computing, Bookkeeping and Business Courses at York Learning

Who are we/where are we?

We’re the York Learning ICT and E-Learning team, and we’re here to help you improve your IT skills. We can offer you the option to work at your own pace supported by a tutor at pace that suits you.  We start off with a personalised skills check to help you find your areas for development and make sure we get you on the right course. We deliver friendly, relaxed, inclusive sessions all across the City of York, and we can offer remote working too – see below.  We understand what it’s like to just be starting out with IT, or feel you don’t know enough about it, and know how to help you make progress, to get a professional qualification and to support you get to where you want to be.

What can we offer you?

We deliver courses for individual learning and personal improvement

We offer the International Computer Driving Licence – (ICDL, formerly ECDL) – the accepted standard for people who want to use Microsoft Office at home or in their workplace.  This is FREE at Level 1 and there is a cost at Level 2 and Level 3. We have a wide range of beginners’ courses, including ICT basics, Laptops for Beginners, Understanding Windows 10, and other workshops and courses about digital skills.

You can use our courses to develop your IT skills, improve and validate your confidence and gain globally recognised relevant qualifications.

We deliver courses for businesses and staff training

We can deliver individual training for staff for ICDL (formerly ECDL) for Level 1, 2 or 3, again FREE at L1. We can offer individual modules so if you just want your team to get better at using Excel, we can help. We can provide group training offer – please talk to us about the specifics you want your workforce trained on. We can offer WordPress.org creation courses for those looking to build a website for your business.

We deliver nationally recognised financial qualifications

You can work on AAT Business Skills – which is available for FREE – Computerised and Manual Accounts, Bookkeeping and SAGE Level 2.

Work with us! Work on your own! Distance learning available…

You have the option of carrying out distance learning for our ICDL (formerly ECDL) and financial qualifications (reduced cost for this for paid courses) if that suits you better. This would require your computer to have the correct version of Microsoft Office installed (currently Office 2016)

Don’t forget to check out our latest Learning4Everyone brochure, or browse our online booking system, to find out what’s coming up soon – or get in touch via our socials or contact details on this website.

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