5 things to bring to York Jobs Fair

The opportunity to meet this many employers in one place is very rare, so take advantage of it. To do this, make sure you know who is going to be there. To see who is attending click here.

Here are five things you should definitely bring:

1) An up-to-date CV

And lots of them! There may be more jobs than you expected, so bring a long a copy for each company that interests you and even a couple spare. Make sure it’s clean and try and put it in a clear plastic wallet to keep it safe. You don’t want to be giving out a crinkled CV with a coffee stain on it.

2) Something to carry paper

You’ll likely be given lots of documents on different jobs and training courses available to you. Make sure you have a way of carrying these around with you and getting them home safely. If you have one, use a brief case or a messenger bag. If not, a small folder with document wallets in will do just fine.

You can pick up document wallets for as little as £1 from many places in the city centre. These are a valuable tool to have with you so that you can keep yourself organised.

3) Phone number and email address

There may be the opportunity to hand out your contact details to employers or to fill in application forms on the day. If you don’t know your phone number and email address off by heart, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket. That way you’ll never be caught off guard.

4) Something to take notes

You’re going to receive a lot of information. You don’t want to get home to realise you’ve forgotten the web address or name of the person you spoke to. Bring a small notebook and a pen or pencil with you to note down important information. It also shows employers that you’re prepared.

5) A positive attitude

Job hunting is hard and people are often discouraged or get stressed out. By turning up with a smile on you face, you can show that you aren’t easily brought down and can deal well with difficult situations. This is a valuable attribute to employers.

Don’t forget that employers are people too and they want to be around others who are positive and hardworking. So if you can show these qualities on your first meeting with them, then this will give you a give chance at getting through to the next step towards getting a job.