Family LearningThe most important teacher in your child's life is you
[sm_image image=”5397″][sm_column_text]If you are, of if you know someone who is:

  • a parent, grandparent or carer who wants to support a child’s learning,
  • wanting to brush up and develop your own skills with the option to gain qualifications in English or maths,
  • volunteering or working in school or pre-school settings or is thinking about this line of work,

Family Learning courses can help you to understand how children learn, keep up to date with how English and maths are taught in schools, and learn fun activities to encourage learning at home.[/sm_column_text][sm_column_text]

123 Go! and 123 Go Outside

These courses reveal just how much maths is all around us in everyday tasks and activities. We will share tips, fun games and exciting activities to share with your child to help develop their early understanding of number and shapes. Join us and set your child off on a lifelong journey and love of maths!


Crafts and Outdoor Play

Through arts, crafts and play, we will come up with easy ways to make treasure hunts, puppets, pictures, and dens. We will talk about how these activities develop your child’s confidence, imagination and co-ordination, expand their vocabulary and help them discover the world around them.Click here to view upcoming Crafts and Outdoor Play courses.


Early Start

Enjoy developing your child’s language skills through simple activity ideas using rhymes, books, and play. With a focus on shapes, colours, and numbers, come and learn new ideas; share your own experiences; and be inspired by others.



Fun with Phonics

Unravel the mysteries of phonics. We share ideas, tips, games and activities for you to do with your child to help their early sound, word recognition and reading skills. We will talk about how you can use everyday items that you have at home to make phonics games. We will think about activities you can do when you’re out and about and look at resources available online.



Get Ready for School

This course has been designed to support parents, carers and grandparents of children who will be starting school in September. There will be 5 sessions exploring building confidence and supporting independence, developing a child’s communication skills, introducing early word and number skills, first days at school and settling in, and home learning and Family Learning.Our tutor is a fully qualified primary school teacher who has knowledge of our local schools. She will be liaising with them throughout the course and we may invite specific school staff to join from time to time to chat to you and answer your questions. You will have opportunities to share ideas to support your children and voice any concerns you have.


How Children Learn to Read and Write

Explore how children learn using phonics, reading comprehension and the physical process of writing. We will look at how shared reading can really help to develop your child’s confidence and love of books, as well as looking at what goes on in a guided reading session at school and understanding school book bands. In writing we will focus on getting your child ready to write through developing their fine motor skills (the little things like picking up a pea) and their gross motor skills (the big things like messy play). We will also be looking at cursive handwriting (joined up writing) and how it is taught in school.


Stories, Songs and Rhymes

In this short course, we will explore how sharing stories, songs and rhymes help your child to develop imagination, as well as listening, reading and number skills. We will make simple instruments and resources to use with your child at home and use songs and rhymes to make learning fun. And don’t worry – you don’t need to have Adele level skills and you won’t be asked to sing in public – unless of course you really want to!