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[sm_section_header title=”York High School” css_animation=”pulse” subtitle=”York Learning”][sm_column_text]Cornlands Road, Acomb, York, YO24 3WZ
01904 555530


[sm_column_text]York High School is located in the same complex as Energise Sports Centre on Cornlands Road, and can be accessed from both the outer ring road and A64 via Tadcaster Road and Gale Lane, or Askham Lane.

The adult education office is located just within the community reception entrance to the school. The community reception is found at the bottom of the main school drive next to the car-park and the Energise sports centre entrance. (Please don’t try to access the school via the main school entrance nearer to the road, as this will be locked in the evenings.)

[sm_column_text]The school / sports centre complex has a large car park, which includes a number of disabled parking spaces. Please park within marked bays when possible, but on busy nights such as school open evenings, parking outside marked bay areas will be acceptable.[/sm_column_text]
[sm_column_text]There are plenty of well-lit, covered bike racks directly outside the Energise entrance and the adult education office.[/sm_column_text]
[sm_column_text]First York routes 1 and 4 stop locally. Bus #1 stops on Front St in Acomb and is a 5 minute walk away via Gale Lane. Bus #4 stops outside the school on Cornlands Road (ask for the Energise stop).


[sm_column_text]Acomb Explore
Acomb Methodist Church Hall
All Saints’ Lower School Gym
Bishopthorpe Junior School
Bishopthorpe Methodist Church Hall
Clifton Library
York Explore
Homestead Park
Middlethorpe Hall
Rougier House
St Gile’s Church Hall
St Olave’s Church Hall
The Flower Studio
York High School
York Railway Institute
Yorkshire Museum[/sm_column_text]
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