Fee Policy: Non-Qualification courses

York Learning
Author: Jill Murphy, last updated by Grainne Hillery
Date of Publication: 29/5/2018
Revision: 15 September 2023
Next date of review: August 2024

Fees are charged on a course-by-course basis and vary according to the length and nature of the programme. Fees are made up of two components: the tuition fee and the administrative fee.

Some courses offer partial or full fee reductions for individuals that meet certain criteria and others are available at full cost only.

Full cost courses

Some courses are full cost and do not have any reduced fees. Please see our online booking system for individual fee details.


Reduced tuition fees

Reduced tuition fees are available on some courses for anyone who is unwaged and claiming the state pension and/or pension credits


Full tuition fee concession

The following groups in receipt of the benefits below do not pay a tuition fee for some non accredited courses (where no formal qualification is attached). Where this applies, an administration fee of £35 will be charged for each enrolment.

If you are eligible for a ‘Full tuition fee concession’, this will only apply for up to 2 courses at any one time.


List of benefits that attract full fee concessions:

  • Universal Credit –claimants who receive Universal Credit and earn less than £617 a month (individual claims) or £988 a month (household claims).
  • (Details of a claimant’s earned and unearned income can be found on their Universal Credit Home Page Statement.  As Universal Credit entitlements change on a monthly basis, eligibility for a fee concession will be determined at the time of booking and evidence dated within the previous calendar month will be required.)Note that the actual amount of UC claimed by the learners is irrelevant – eg a learner can claim £1000 UC and if they are earning less than £617 a month they would still get a full tuition fee concession.)

In addition, claimants of the following legacy benefits will be able to claim a full fee concession:

  • Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee credit only)
  • Asylum seekers eligible for SFA funding according to the guidance and in receipt of the equivalent of income-based benefit (assistance under the terms of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999) and their dependants.

Proof of receipt of the above benefits is required at the time of enrolment or within 2 weeks of the enrolment.

Acceptable proof of receipt of Universal Credit is a screenshot of the claim assessment from a mobile device/tablet (UC claim process is paperless).  For other benefits, a benefit award letter dated within the current financial year is required as proof.

If the required proof is not presented within the time frame specified, the learner will be required to pay the full fee (and will be invoiced accordingly).


Additional Notes

  • Family Learning Courses are offered free
  • Material costs will be additional on most programmes. These will be highlighted in the Course Guide and/or by confirmation email
  • 16-18 year olds. Generally under 19’s are only accepted on programmes by exception, and then only on an in-fill basis and usually with a family member accompanying them. This will be at the discretion of Curriculum Managers.
  • Under 16’s. Under 16’s are only permitted on programmes at the discretion of the Head of York Learning, where exceptional circumstances apply and where parents/carer are attending also. (Please note that the service occasionally runs programmes aimed at parents and their children. Clearly in these circumstances under 16’s will be admitted to these programmes.) 

Non EU residents – Non EU residents will be required to pay the full cost of the programme, including registration fees. The full cost of a programme is double the advertised course fee.

Residents whose residence is not a YO postcode

Any application for a discretionary discount by a learner without a YO postcode will unfortunately not be approved.  This is because your funding is held by your local or combined authority instead.  Applicants who live outside of York will be required to pay full costs plus an additional 35% on top of any courses that has had funding applied and are advertised at a reduced rate on the website, this is to cover the true cost of those courses.   Please check the course guide for further information or telephone our front desk on 01904 554277

Recording of Proof of Discount

York Learning expects learners to upload evidence of their eligibility to discount onto their learner account via York Learning Bookings Site.  This should be done at the time of booking or within 2 weeks from booking their course.

York Learning will run a weekly report to highlight learners who have claimed a discount and show whether.

  • A: evidence has been uploaded and approved
  • B: evidence has been uploaded but not approved
  • C: no evidence has yet been uploaded

York Learning will use the report provided to contact any learner, whose eligibility evidence has not been provided.  If we are unable to obtain the relevant proof, York Learning will invoice the learner for the amount of the discount.  If the learner refuses to pay the outstanding amount they will be withdrawn from the course.