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Fee Policy - Qualification based programmes

York Learning
Author: Alistair Gourlay
Date of Publication: June 2018
Revision September 2020
First date of review August 2021

Fees are charged on a per course basis and vary according to the length and nature of the programme. Fees are made up of two components: a tuition fee and an administrative fee.

No tuition or administration fee is charged to the following individuals (aged 19 and over)

Please note that some courses are only on offer at full cost and therefore this fee waiver will not apply. Please check course details for further information.

  1. Those who are claiming Universal Credit and earn less than £542 a month (individual claims) or £616 a month (household claims) and are in the ‘All Work- Related Requirements’, ‘Work Preparation’ or ‘Work-Focused Interview’ Groups. This would include those who are in the ‘Limited Capability for Work’ group but not those in the ‘Limited Capability for Work and Work Related Activity’group.
  • Limited Capability for Work (LCW). You may be placed in the limited capability for work ‘LCW’ group if you are thought to be capable, with support, of preparing for work at some point in the future.
  • Limited Capability for Work and Work-Related Activity (LCWRA). You may be placed in the limited capability for work and work related activity ‘LCWRA’ group if your condition is such that you are not thought capable of preparing for work.

(There is some discretion to waive fees if the learner is claiming UC, earning less than £542/£616pm, isn’t in the required groups but wants to be employed or progress to more sustainable employment and the learning is directly related to this.)

Details of a claimant’s earned and unearned income can be found on their Universal Credit Home Page Statement.  As Universal Credit entitlements change on a monthly basis, eligibility for a fee concession will be determined at the time of booking and evidence dated within the previous calendar month will be required.

Proof needed: screenshot of individual’s current online Universal Credit account record, presented at time of enrolment or within 2 weeks of enrolment

2. Income based Jobseekers Allowance

Proof needed: Benefit Awards letter dated within the current financial year and within 3 months of enrolment date.

3. Employment and Support Allowance (Work Related Activity Group WRAG)

Proof needed: Benefit Awards letter dated within the current financial year and within 3 months of enrolment date

4. 19-23 Year Old Learners

Learners aged 19-23 who do not already have a full level 2 qualification do not have to pay any fees to study for:

– Entry or Level 1 qualifications (excluding ESOL).

– A first full level 2 qualification. Fee remission type: Level 2 entitlement

– A first full level 3 qualification. Fee remission type: Level 3 entitlement 19-23

Proof needed: You will be asked to declare your qualification level and intention to enter employment by signing a document.

5. 16-18 year old learners 

Learners aged 16-18 when they start their learning programme do not have to pay any fees to study qualification based programmes.

Proof needed: You will need to provide photographic ID (e.g. passport or driving licence).

6. Learners aged 19 and older

Learners who wish to study a level 3, 4 or 5 qualification, for courses other than maths and English, will in most circumstances be entitled to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan which will cover some, or all, of the course fee. Learners can also pay the course fee in full. Option to pay by instalments will also be available.

This does not replace learner’s legal entitlement to full funding for Level 3 if aged 19-23

7. Learners aged 24 and over

Learners who wish to study up to and including a level 2 qualification will be required to pay the course fee in full unless eligible for a fee waiver (on receipt of specific means tested benefit as detailed within this policy document). Option to pay by instalments will be available.

8. Maths and English Programmes   

There is no fee for all maths and English courses for Functional Skills and related Skills Units up to and including Level 2, regardless of individual circumstances.

GCSE Maths & English

There is no fee applicable for GCSE Maths and English for anyone without a Grade C (or new Grade 4) or above in those subjects. Those wanting to attend the course to improve an existing C (4) grade or above will pay the full fee, regardless of circumstances.

Additional Notes

  • Material costs will be additional on most programmes. These will be highlighted in the Course Guide.
  • Proof of receipt of the above benefits is required at the time of enrolment. If this is not available and is not produced within 2 weeks of the enrolment the learner will be required to pay the full fee (and will be invoiced accordingly)

 Learner Support Fund

 There are limited funds available to support learners experiencing financial hardship.  Please contact Jill Murphy on 01904 554294 to establish eligibility and availability of funds.

EU (excluding UK) citizens  – EU Referendum June 2016

Information of the affect of UK leaving the EU will be outlined when available. At the current time all EU residents are eligible for funding as detailed in this policy document.

Non EU residents

Non EU residents will be required to pay the full cost of the programme, which includes examination and registration fees. The full cost of a programme is double the advertised course fee.

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