Learner Charter

York Learning

We’re committed to giving all our students the best possible learning experience we can, whatever their individual needs. Our equal opportunities statement and other policies can be viewed on our website alongside other York Learning policies.

Our Adult Education Learner Charter sets out our commitment to you, and what we expect from you as a learner.

Our Intent

The adult curriculum aims to be flexible, accessible and responsive to the existing and future needs of a wide range of communities, employers and learners across York.  Effective partnerships across communities, employers and a range of other organisations ensures the curriculum offer is aligned to local and regional economic need and increases mobility whilst reducing gaps in life chances between groups of the populations.

In summary, the Intent of the Adult Curriculum is:

  • Provide learners with high-quality information, advice and guidance with an ambitious, employer needs led and community responsive curriculum in which learners develop the skills and confidence they need to progress.
  • Provide a purposeful and high-quality curriculum where learners gain and improve their personal qualities, knowledge, skills, confidence, and the ambition to progress their education, prepare for, enter, and progress in the workplace and careers.
  • Ensure learners, including young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds are English, Maths and Digitally enabled, relevant to their prior attainment and ambition with access to flexible provision which has multiple entry points through the year.
  • Provide outstanding community skills and wellbeing learning which addresses ingrained health inequalities, the growing occurrence of mental health problems and tackles the intergenerational cycle of under achievement and poverty in disadvantaged families.

We promise to:

  • work hard with you to meet your individual needs as a learner and support the development of your skills
  • meet our commitment to equality and promote British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths, beliefs and cultures
  • make sure you learn in a healthy and safe environment and are made aware of Safeguarding and Prevent
  • give you accurate information about the learning opportunities that meet your needs
  • Only collect information about you and your learning which helps us to develop your skills or is required by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018.


As a learner we ask you to:

  • attend every session of your course, arrive on time and actively participate in the class and course activities
    treat others with fairness, dignity and respect
  • provide the information we need about you and your learning, especially what you expect to get from your learning
  • provide feedback on your learning experience – your views are important to us
  • we support learners in challenging themselves, but would remind you to only engage in activities that do not put yourself at risk, or would emotionally or physically harm others
  • recognise that everyone has the right of free speech, provided this does not incite violence or hatred against other people or groups, particularly in relation to their race, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation