Information for Referral Agencies

Action Towards Inclusion

The Programme

Your Consortium is the prime contractor working with York Learning and 18 other delivery partners in York. The project is designed to support those furthest from the labour market:-

  • 80% of individuals economically inactive (Employment Support Allowance( ESA), Incapacity Benefit (IB) Income support (IS), or those not claiming any benefits)
  • 20% of individuals unemployed (JSA Claimants with additional needs – Health including MH barriers, social & skills barriers, economical or financial barriers)
  • Aged 18 plus no upper age limit but after retirement age the individual would need to be seeking employment.


  • Individuals who are working including ‘0’ hours contracts
  • Unemployed individuals without additional needs.

ATI York Learning…

…involves intensive and potentially long term one-to-one mentoring support provided by Key-workers.

Key Workers will provide initial engagement, assessment and ongoing support to participants on the programme usually at the West Offices.

Other specific project activities will include:

  • Someone to talk to
  • Outreach activities to engage participants
  • First step engagement activities and taster sessions
  • Holistic assessment of each individual’s needs, followed by tailored support measures, sign-posting and referrals to specialist and mainstream services
  • Support to enable access to services for overcoming health-related barriers
  • Accessible support to become work-ready

ATI York Learning specific intervention activities include…

  • English maths and ICT. These group interventions are between 2 and 5 weeks of unaccredited engagement activates (fun) to overcome barriers and move individuals closer to training, education, job-search and employment.
  • ICT intervention activity will also offer a weekly Online Workshop where clients can get ongoing support with basic computer skills, using online services and job searching.

Other learning interventions provided by the wider partnership include:

  • Inclusion activities to access community support and services
  • Debt advice
  • Crisis resolution
  • Digital skills, specifically to manage online accounts
  • Health, therapy, counselling and wellbeing activities
  • Vocational training, volunteering and work experience