English & Maths Support for Adult Apprentices

Thinking about an apprenticeship? 19+ but no qualifications? Don’t turn them away.

York Learning offer support for potential apprentices in English and maths Functional Skills as well as GCSE qualifications on the basis of:

  1. Initial assessment to advise learners on the correct level, course and route to prepare for or support their apprenticeship. Where the learner has some distance to make up to achieve the framework requirement, it pays to work on English and maths skills in advance of signing up.
  2. Learners’ ability and willingness to attend a regular session (once a week or more intensive models), in a city centre or community venue or, where an appropriate room is available, at a workplace venue.
  3. A commitment from any employer to ensure the individual learner is encouraged and available to attend the class.
  4. Pre-apprenticeship: This service is fully funded, so free for both employer and employee for all eligible adults.

Why do English and maths pre-apprenticeship?

Learners in full-time work, particularly those with families or changing work patterns, often struggle to put aside the time needed to prepare for more than one qualification at a time.
Where assessment shows that English and maths skills need brushing up, doing at least one of these qualifications up front makes sense:

  • For the individual – they gain confidence and skills in a gentle step back into learning, rather than taking on everything at once. This sets them up for further study and makes the apprenticeship experience a much more positive one.
  • For the employer – there is no cost involved to the employer for English and maths provision for eligible learners when taken outside of an apprenticeship. The employee will gain confidence and skills. All that is required is support and encouragement.
  • For the provider – Functional Skills are funded more appropriately as stand alone qualifications and there is better chance of a learner achieving the full framework in the apprenticeship when starting out with confidence and the appropriate skills.

For on-apprenticeship provision, we may be able to provide a tutor for groups of 6+ learners on-site, where appropriate accommodation is available or infill individuals into existing courses. This is subject to pre-course assessment, with individual feedback for employees and a discussion with the employer/provider around group recommendations, employer commitment, funding from within the framework, and realistic expectations.

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