Improve Your Prospects

I have been on the programme Improve Your Prospects for a few months now and I have to say that it probably been the best opportunity I have ever been given. I was first told about Improve Your Prospects by my work coach as I haven’t had any jobs previously, apart from work experience that was done on my college courses. This led to my application forms not being successful and always being rejected by the company.

As I have been on the programme I have been able to identify the skills that I have as well as the job role which will be best for me in the future. My adviser helped me with my CV and told me the way it’s best to have it laid out, how much I should have on it as well as what will be best to put on it.

Since I have been placed on the programme, my application forms have improved a lot. Before this experience with Improve Your Prospects, whenever I tried to apply for a job or an apprenticeship I didn’t understand what they were asking for or how I should word the answer. Now, I am able to identify exactly what the employer wants to read and how I am to answer the questions. My answers now are more detailed than they were before. Also, now I’m being put through to employers as well as going to interviews which I have never had the opportunity to do before and it’s the best feeling ever to get that call and be asked to go for an interview with a company.

My adviser has helped me get onto a Maths course, which has led to a place on the exam later this year, as well as placing me on a Mindfulness course which has helped me a lot when it’s time to go to interviews and I panic. Probably the best thing that my adviser has done for me is that he has helped me to get a volunteering experience within York Learning, and it has been the best experience I have ever had. I’m able to gain experience, able to observe the different jobs as well as get a reference from the person who I work under.

If it wasn’t for Improve your Prospects, I probably would still be the same girl who had no confidence with application forms, looking for job/apprenticeship descriptions, and going to interviews. My experience with Improve Your Prospects has changed how I look at work opportunities and has helped me to gain the confidence that I need for interviews. The courses I’ve been placed on to help me with my confidence as well have been amazing and they have helped so much.I would definitely recommend Improve Your Prospects to anyone who is having trouble with application forms or anything for a job. Though it may take a while for you to get anywhere it is still a great programme to be on as by the end of it you will have more confidence with applying, submitting the finished application form without thinking in the back of your mind that you have failed before it has even been seen by the company. After you have been accepted into a company, the adviser will continue to mentor you for 6 weeks, so that they are able to see how you are doing, good or bad.If you are given the opportunity to go on Improve Your Prospects, do it. It will absolutely help you with everything. You will be grateful for the opportunity that you have been given, just like I am. I am so grateful I was placed on the programme as it has helped me and I know that what I have learnt from the programme I am able to transfer to application forms that I do when I’m on my own.


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