Employability Workshops

Know Your Skills

Transferable skills are skills you have picked up during your life, through jobs, volunteering, in education, parenting, hobbies, etc. You can use these skills in new tasks and in different work settings. Being able to demonstrate to an employer that you can match your skills to the job you are applying for increases your chances of success. This workshop will help identify your own skills set and understand which skills employers are looking for.Click here to see dates and times for ‘Know Your Skills’ and book online.

Creating a CV

A good CV is really tricky to create – especially for yourself! We give you practical tips on how to create a strong CV by breaking it down onto parts. We’ll show you how to craft an impactful personal statement, as well as how to use power verbs. Your CV acts as a sales document for employers and can also be used as a guide when you’re filling out application forms. Make sure you know how to create a really strong one so employers choose you.Click here to see dates and times for ‘Creating a CV’ and book online.

How to Job Search

It can be confusing to find a job. Where do I look? Which sites and Apps are best for the areas I’m interested in? What jobs suit the skills I have? Do I need to write a cover letter if I send a CV? We can point you in the right direction so you’re applying like a pro. We’ll get you to focus on why you want a job, which skills you want to use, what sort of place you want to work in – and where to find those jobs.Click here to see dates and times for ‘How to Job Search’ and book online.

Applying for a Job

You’ve seen a job you want, but applying for it is another matter. Job applications can be tricky and you need time to do them properly. We help you plan by breaking it down into stages and talk you through all the information you need to complete an application. We will also introduce you to different types of online application, including assessments, and guide you to create a super strong personal statement to impress any employer.Click here to see dates and times for ‘Applying for a job’ and book online.

Interview Success

This course will help you prepare for an interview by asking you some key questions: Have you got the right skills? Can you do the job? Do you actually want the job? You will look at some of the most common interview questions – including those challenging ones that might worry you the most. We’ll introduce you to the CAR approach, as well as guiding through some principles of video interviewing. An interview is a chance for you to show off your skills and abilities in a way that will get you the job and this course can help you do that.Click here to see dates and times for ‘Interview Success’ and book online.

How to Thrive at Work

We don’t just want to survive at work, we want to thrive. This course can help you become resilient at work, by looking at effective communication, what to expect on your first day, and how to get the most out of the first few weeks. We’ll look at some stress-busting techniques for in-work challenges, as well as how to cope with working from home.Click here to see dates and times for ‘How to Thrive at Work’ and book online.