Before you book your course: useful information

Before you book a course with us, take a look at the useful information below. If you have questions we haven’t answered here, contact us:

Equality & Diversity
Click here for more information about support to access ICT
Support to use Zoom
Click here to find out how we can support people with additional needs
Click here to find out more about booking a course
Click here to find out more about attending an interview on Zoom

Our priority is to keep you all safe whilst also protecting the health of our staff and the local community.

During this period:

  • We will follow government guidance and our provision continues to support existing and new learners.
  • Safety measures in our COVID-19 secure centres will be followed 100% of the time.
  • Learners, tutors, and staff will be encouraged to wear face masks.
  • Initial assessments for Skills courses will continue online.

For full details of our how courses are affected by Coronavirus, including during periods of national lockdown and what you should do if you are required to self-isolate, view our Coronavirus information for Learners page.

Equality and diversity

York Learning welcomes learners from all backgrounds and is committed to providing the best possible experience for everyone.

Unconscious bias refers to learned stereotypes that are automatic, unintentional, ingrained and influence behaviour, such as associating certain jobs to certain genders. We are here to make everyone feel welcome. If you see behaviour that you feel is not treating you or others equally, or feel unconscious bias has been present towards you or someone else, please speak to your tutor.

We aim to provide a safe, comfortable and non-threatening environment that is free from discrimination. Our goal is to support everyone to achieve their potential and to enjoy their programme.

We will not tolerate behaviour that discriminates, intimidates or disrupts other learners and will take appropriate action to ensure this does not occur.

Click here to view our full Equality and Diversity Policy.

Access to ICT and Ability

If you’re worried about your computing and digital skills, we do have courses to help you gain confidence when using computers and tablets.

There’s a whole section on the website to explore and we can offer you free one to one assessments to find out what your current skills are and suggest ways to help you develop. Lots of our courses including all entry and beginners courses are completely free!

Online Awareness

When attending a Zoom class, it is important to be aware and know how to conduct yourself online.

Mute your microphone
To help keep background noise to a minimum, make sure you mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

Be mindful of background noise
Remember everyone can see you just as you can see all of them! You can turn off your video if you don’t want people to see you.

Try to avoid talking when other people are talking
It can get very confusing. In a Zoom, the person talking will have a coloured line underneath them or coloured box around them. Click here to find out more about York Learning’s Computing and Digital Skills courses[/sm_button]

Accessibility – additional support needs – what we can do to help

If you think you might need support to attend a class then please get in touch with us on 01904 554277 before signing up if you want to discuss your needs further.

Whilst we are delivering online this is especially important that the tutor knows this before the course starts. This is particularly important if you have specific disabilities that might require us to make adjustments, or if you have a learning difficulty that might affect your ability to complete some of the programme. Our staff and team have plenty of experience of working with learners with support needs and we’re very happy to talk through with you or someone speaking on your behalf to look at how we can best support you on the course.

How to use the online booking system

If you are booking a free course or making an application to a course, you will not need to make any payment.

What to expect from your Zoom interview

If you’re doing a Zoom interview for a course you’ll be given a time and day in advance – usually you can choose a slot that suits you. You don’t have to dress formally, or have lots of questions prepared, or worry about it – the subject tutor will go through with you what you need to do on the day.

For English and maths you will be sent an assessment to do as a Google form.
You will be asked to take photos of your working out for maths or photos of a piece of writing for English. At your online interview you may be asked to show the tutor the photos but you can simply hold your phone up to the screen. There is no expectation or requirements to print anything off.